Commercial: Nike 

Director: Dirty Robber- L.A.

Production Company: PI Film Network

Commercial: Cadburys

Director: Joanna Bailey

Production Company: Bare Films

Commercial: Reynolds Kitchens

Director: Joanna Bailey

Production Company: Bare Films

Commercial: Zap Productions

Director: Gun Kim

Production Company: Samsung Galaxy

Commercial: McVities - Go Ahead

Director: The Bobbsey Twins

Production Company: Blink Productions

Commercial: IBA - (Discrimination)

Director: Tim Mogridge

Production Company: PI Film Network

Commercial: Vigorsol

Director: Frank Todaro

Production Company: Moxie

Commercial: Style Me Tv

Director: Thomas Krygier

Production Company: Darlands Films

Short Film: WWF - New Species

Director: Charles Sturridge

Production Company: Annex Films

Music Promo: Bryan Adams - Babylon

Director: Bryan Adams

Production Company: Bryan Adams

Short Film: Cramp A Very English Election

Director: Mark O’Sullivan & Miles  Chapman

Production Company: Bingo Productions

Short Film: Lee and Dean

Director: Mark O'Sullivan

Production Company: Bingo Productions

Commercial: Jameson Irish Whisky

Director: Andy Lambeth

Production Company: HIS

Commercial: Bold

Director: Thomas Krygier

Production Company: Production International

Commercial: Vaseline

Director: Joanna Bailey

Production Company: Bare Films

Commercial: BBC Idents

Director: Howard Greenhalgh

Production Company: Red Bee

Commercial: LNR

Director: Simon Gargette

Production Company: PI Film Network

Commercial: Marie Curie

Director: Daniel Barber

Production Company: Knucklehead

Commercial: E-On Energy Drink

Director: White Rabbit

Production Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Commercial: Jaguar

Director: Tom Hooper

Production Company: Smuggler

Film: Tell me the Truth about Love

Director: Margaret Williams

Production Company: MJW Productions

Commercial: Flora

Director: Steve Bendelack

Production Company: Hunger Man

Commercial: Kellogg’s

Director: Joanna Bailey

Production Company: Bare Films

Commercial: Sainsbury’s

Director: Jonny Campbell

Production Company: Mustard

Commercial: Kellogg’s

Director: Simon Neal

Production Company: Another Film Company

Commercial: Beat that Quote

Director: Rocky Morton

Production Company: MJZ

Commercial: Puma

Director: Everett Yockey

Production Company: Juliet Zula

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